03 Aug 2011

As for design, I have always believed less is better.

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Classic & Clean. Much of this approach stems from my being trained prior to the Apple Macintosh days — developing a natural sense of design & typography with every design starting at the drawing table with a pencil and roll of sketching tissue. Production was done by hand – developing a keen eye for detail.

My concept & design approach is the same regardless of the industry I’m working in. My copywriter & I get to intimately know who we are working for: the client, and what we are trying to sell – the product. Bringing about a sensibility to our creative.

  1. Get to know the client & the product.
  2. Identify the market.
  3. Locate potential buyers
  4. Assess the client’s budget
  5. Schedule the order of creative to final execution
  6. Develop the Creative & Production

U.S.P. Unique Selling Point — finding this in a product is the first step in our creative process. What is it that sets this product apart from its competition? What makes it unique to all others. From this we develop a brand for the product as seen through logo design, positioning, and subsequent advertising & print collateral.

The role of a Creative Copywriter: a Creative Copywriter is a Graphic Designer’s Best Friend. He is responsible for the words of an advertisement and establishing the creative direction for the designer to follow.

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