• Estimates for Professional Services, based on an hourly rate, are provided prior to commencing work.
  • Logo Design is estimated as a flat rate.
  • Freelance rates vary in the field of copywriting, illustration, and photography.

Creative Direction/Concept Development

Development of U.S.P. ( Unique Selling Point) also known as ‘Base Positioning’ from which the art direction and copy follows


Development of Positioning + Body Copy for Print Advertising and Collateral


Comprehensive Layout/Design of how a piece will look & be produced


Art, Photography, and or Print Buying. Gathering materials and information necessary for beginning production.

Art Production

Development of Electronic Art for Print Production.

Production Management

Managing a project while in production. Includes preparing materials & paperwork for Printer or Publication & Overseeing Proofs and Press Checks.

Client Contact

Client Communication & Meetings