26 Mar 2011

A smart logo adds value to your business

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Investing in brand development early on will establish consistency, sensibility, & continuity with the copy & design through the advertising & print collateral – driving the brand recognition for years to come.

In early times when few people could read or write, merchants hung pictures over the doors of their establishments to convey their ideas and depict what they sold. As more and more goods and services became available, it became increasingly important to distinguish one tradesman from another. It was but a short step to using symbols to identify which tradesman made which product or offered which service. The symbols were easily identified and sometimes carried a message for those who could read. These were the first benchmarks and the first logos. ~ All New American Logo

It is hard to overstate The Importance of a Company Logo. This symbol has to be immediately recognizable wherever it appears; it must evoke the company image the instant anyone sees it; and it must be capable of reproduction in every conceivable size and medium.

Creating a logo that fulfills these requirements is neither easy nor cheap, and many clients comment that they cannot afford or see the need for a corporate logo. Small businesses don’t always stay small; when trading expands to a regional, national, or international level, a recognizable logo not only identifies the company, it also guarantees the quality of goods which carry that symbol.

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